Organizing for starting the day with pleasure and a lot of motivation. PLANNING and ORGANIZING need knowing your possibilities and reality. Lifelong learning can become a possibility for everyone in the 21- century to stay connected and create better quality educational conditions.



To reach people, staying interconnected by creating opinion and exchange about several topics and issues. Thinking  and being an active thinker is very challenging.  Several topics and issues that have been studied can illuminate and inspire others. Collaboration means involving others  and since we live in a global world, we can learn a lot of each other.

Arianda F.M.Bloem

address: Brakkeput Ariba, Kavel 17 N

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Born in Curacao on December 31, 1945, I studied a lot in the Netherlands to become a teacher(1968 and 1970), a dietitian (1971), an educationalist (Onderwijskundig Pedagoog)

When I returned to Curacao I started first with working as a teacher and later on I decided to study during my free hours to graduate and become an ONDERWIJSKUNDIG PEDAGOOG at the Univeristy of LEIDEN, The Netherlands.(1984)

After a period of working I could also study Management during my free hours to obtain a degree in Business Administration.( MBA 1995 in Curacao)

Nowadays as a retired professional since 2005, I'm updating all the knowledge, skills and experiences. By doing so, I 'am still learning every single day of my life.

Of course I love this precious island CURACAO and all its inhabitants. We are very differentiated in culture, languages, but we can respect each other, communicate and live peacefully together.

Arianda F.M.Bloem, March 21, 2017


Photo August 2018